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a fun day out in anglesey for children and all the family

Fun for Children at Foel Farm Park on Anglesey

rearrange the letters to make words

Mixed Vegetables

Around the edge of this page are some fruits and vegetables you might find growing on a farm, but the letters are mixed up. Can you name them?

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The Longest Place Name in the World!

Just down the road from Foel Park Farm, you'll find the village with the longest name in the world! You can see the name on the right.

Click here to hear the name!

longest place name in wales

Fun Activity Pages to Print

Listed below are some fun pages that you can print out!! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these PDF files.

A Tree Chart : Trees are found on farms and are very important for the environment. <download>

Foel Farm Scrapbook : Colour these pictures of Foel Farm and put them in a scrapbook of your visit. <download>

rearrange the letters to make words

Things To Do

  1. Draw the animals and plants you see or take photographs. Be sure to name them and describe where they live, that is their habitat.
  2. Find out why particular animals are kept on a farm.
  3. Make a calendar of life on a farm. List the different jobs that have to be done for each season.
  4. Find out how the farmer feeds animals in winter. How is the food stored?
  5. How does the farmer make sure that the soil is healthy so that crops can grow well?
  6. Find out how farmers look after the countryside as well as their own farms.
  7. Find out how farmers are helping with conservation.
  8. Find out what pests and diseases attack the crops and animals and how they are dealt with.
  9. The need to be efficient and grow as many crops as possible and keep as many animals as possible creates problems for the farmer. Find out what these problems are and how the farmer deals with them.
  10. Keep a diary and record the wildlife you see.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Foel Farm Park at:

Mail: Foel Farm Park, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, North Wales, LL61 6TQ. UK
Phone: 01248 430646    E-mail: